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A Path Forward:A Truce with Food Approach to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

  • COTERIE Pittsburgh 437 Grant St. Penthouse Pittsburgh, PA 15219 USA (map)

If this isn’t your first or third nutrition rodeo, achieving your health and weight loss goals aren’t about food, discipline, or reading your 1,000th article on how bad sugar is for you.

Traditional goal setting like “cut out sugar” or “lose 30 pounds” is the wrong way to set goals for the seasoned, frustrated dieter. You know what you need to do: Eat less sugar. Eat more vegetables.Be happier!!!

The real question is, “but how?”

How do I stop the crazy eating?

How do I stop eating the foods that contribute to my anxiety?
Why do I rebel against the regimes of the diet programs I willingly pay for?
How do come home from a draining work day and not eat an entire pint of organic, coconut ice cream while watching Orange is the New Black on the couch?

The answer to “but how” is actually rather simple. And we all know simple doesn’t mean easy.

We have to change the focus. Away from food. We need a different goal. A true goal that gives the power to you, not food. In a Path Forward Workshop, you'll:

  • Identify your true goal that enables your health and weight loss goal to fall into place
  • Learn why most health and weight loss goals fail and an approach that guarantees success
  • The invisible root cause that makes food so frustrating (hint: it’s not willpower or discipline) and the X factor that eliminates the food battle.
  • The three keys to make sure you reach your true goal, even when life gets in the way

This is for people who are trailblazers, idealists and achievers. Maybe you decided not to have children or were the first one in your family to get a college, Masters, and/or Doctor degrees. Or you might be in a cutting-edge health-care role yourself. Or maybe you’re the female breadwinner in your relationship. Or you’re excelling in male-dominated fields like tech, law and real estate. Or you’re a dude who is highly evolved. There’s as many ways this trailblazing shows up as there are people.

One thing for sure, is you value truth, exploring and excellence. You’re tired of girlfriend advice to take bubble baths and shop more. You might not use these words, but you’re hungry for self-trust, rather than being dependent on something outside of yourself.



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