Trading Spaces

I want art to make me think. In order to do that, it may piss me off, or make me uncomfortable. That promotes awareness and change, or at least some discussion.


Our work, designing COTERIE, is part of the art we're creating in the world. And there are days it really pisses me off. Others, I feel peaceful and supported. I don't love one more than the other, but have immense gratitude for both experiences. In both scenarios, I am pushed to do more. Not one to sit and accept the status quo, I am always considering alternatives. 

This week we wrapped our first COTERIE Team Training. for 4 days our entire team met to discuss standards, COTERIE values, craft new goals, understand each team members' job, and look to the future. It was an exhaustive few days, with each member of this team offering their all. I enjoyed every moment, even the really intense challenging ones. There were moments that the frustration or concern on someone's face was powerful in the way that you can see the movement that person is experiencing. 

I appreciate many things about our team, but one of the standouts from this weekend for me, was watching each person truly commit to the vision of our company. It's easy to show up and be in the right now {most of the time!} but harder to commit to the future, which is a fluid evolution. It basically requires someone to say "I am here for all that I know and all that I don't." That's an incredibly BOLD statement for someone to make in a work environment. 

Growth happens whether we want it to or not. Nothing stands still. It's all moving...time, energy, space. You can choose to participate, you can choose a different path, and you can choose how you connect to the growth around you. Growth is uncomfortable. It requires patience, surrender, clarity of choice, and an appreciation of things unknown. Which, by my math, equates to courage. 

Thank you team, for an incredible experience, for bringing your heart + soul to all you do, for the creativity + action you offer, and for trusting us to lead you. 

xo, jb