Introducing COTERIE Charlotte at Packard Place

It's been nearly 18 months since COTERIE was conceived. In equal parts it feels like forever ago, and yesterday. What I knew then and what I know now are different. The ideas that originated at the table that first night have been iterated, retooled, bent, broken, repaired + restored. Building a company is a much different experience than building a brand, and vastly different from building a small business. The lessons you learn on the road to something big are humbling, exciting, painful, exhausting, motivating, infuriating + exhilarating. It's hard, sometimes unforgiving, and in the end, I believe worth every single moment, dollar, tear and win. Time will tell, but we're still here, and only growing.

What I knew that first day was that Charlotte, which is my home, would benefit from all that COTERIE offers, and the values we are built on. That fundamental truth remains, and my commitment to that belief has only grown stronger. I mean, when your state has a female Senator who claims that some women have lard for brains, you know there's a delta on how women are served. Thankfully Charlotte is led by a fearless female Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, and represented by a strong, brilliant Congresswoman, Alma Adams. We are rooted in the right place for our work.

So the task has been about finding the place. Where to park our company; the right address. Shortly after I spoke publicly about our struggle in the Charlotte commercial market, Dan Roselli called. Dan and his wife Sara are the proud owners of a lot of square feet in Uptown Charlotte. With many years in the startup space, they are deeply invested in the success of small business in this region. It's also not coincidence that Dan works with a team that's mostly female. Their success as a team has been shared with everything and everyone they invest in; you won't meet many people in this city who don't know the Roselli's. When he reached out to me and offered a home in his prized Packard Place, it took me about 30 seconds to say yes. Teaming up with Packard, 100k sqare feet of entrepreneurial magic, and HQ, a growing coworking management group currently managing Packard Place, all with Dan and Sara at the helm, was a no brainer. 

So here we are! COTERIE Charlotte at Packard Place. The luxury coworking community Charlotte hasn't had. A coworking community focused on elevating + advancing the women of this community. Run by a team of Concierge ready to serve, offering a weekly wellness program, unique events, and a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Our members enjoy laundry service from Charlotte's 2U Laundry, personal concierge service from the fabulous Kadie Kersey of Uptown Errands, and many more local partners we're proud to support. 

How do you get involved? Become a member of course! With meetings suites, a developer's lounge {currently in development}, a project suite, kitchen, library, gorgeous sunlit living rooms and a terrace overlooking Uptown's skyline, we're the place to be if you're a woman in Charlotte looking for the place to be. Coming this Spring, a V I P Lounge, expanded terrace and large event suite. The women you'll meet will help you grow, offer their experience + share the journey of being a woman who's working to make things better. Because, at the end of the day, that's what this is all about. Whether you're in corporate America or you're a SAHM who's making your kids' school stronger + safer, we're all on a mission to make things better. 

We look forward to meeting you, welcome the opportunity to serve you, and cannot wait to see how COTERIE helps you move forward!

xo, jb