Two Things Today

Two things today as we prepare to launch our Wellness Wednesday platform at COTERIE... 

I’m a huge proponent of odd numbers, lists in three, and patterns. But I’m giving you just two things, because sometimes three can be tricky, and incredibly overwhelming when you make changes.

I have been blessed with some well-rounded opportunities over the years. From wedding planning to agriculture to government work, I’ve seen a lot of areas, covering 90-hour weeks with some, and significantly less with others. Each have taught me more than I could express in a single blog post. But, I promised two things. Ready?

{Food is fuel.}

{Rest is a weapon.}

Now, I recognize these aren’t some profound new revelations. But sometimes we need reminders. Like in my own home, a sign hangs in my vanity area: “Slow down, happiness is trying to catch you.” Finally, the world has seen how a little self-care and self-love can go a long way. Especially as women, we tend to give, give, give without take, take, taking for ourselves.

4-hours of sleep and two venti-lattes for breakfast do not constitute self-love and care. Fake-fueling your body with little sleep and little nutrients, will only leave it suffering to catch up.

You are whatever-your-luxury-dream-vehicle may be (BMW 325xi wagon or Range Rover, if you have to ask…), so put in premium. Challenge yourself to have one salad a day. Add lemon to your water (I like to carry a squeeze lemon juice bottle around, it actually fits in your purse, too).  Even if you are eating out 5 nights a week, skip the bread basket. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and it doesn’t even have to take up extra time, nothing mentioned here requires extra prep work, but your body will love you back for the small changes.

Resting, relaxation, and sleep aren’t luxuries; they are requirements. I’ve reached points in my career where I didn’t rest, and the results weren’t pretty—falling over in front of your own closet isn’t cool. But first, let me say, needing rest isn’t a pass to being lazy. I’m a huge proponent of working hard. Like, real hard. There’s only been a handful of stretches in the past few years that I wasn’t working two jobs. But working hard and not sleeping, or resting, isn’t healthy!  It takes a lot of organization but I took time to sleep, meditate, journal, and get pedicure here and there.

Now, I’ve nowhere near reached the successes that Arianna Huffington has (go, girl, go!) but she has been quoted, “By sleeping more, we, in fact, become more competent and in control of our lives.” She is a sleep evangelist who makes time to get her sleep, and if she can make the time, we should all be able to make that time. Buy a luxurious blanket to cuddle or some new PJs. Try out a new pillow. Turn off electronics at 9 p.m. (I am seriously guilty of screen-reading before bed). Try going to bed at the same time every day for a week. See how your body reacts.

Self-care is a delicate checks and balances system, because there will always be, without a doubt, moments in time where certain routines don’t take place. That you get a little thrown off.  AND THAT IS OKAY. During that time we’ve just got to remain kind to ourselves and remember this too shall pass.  Such is temporary. And that we can get back into our groove when we are ready, when it’s time. Life is here to challenge us and to make us better and more resilient. Had I not been in some positions I would have never learned what I needed. So wherever you are now, know it’s because you are learning what you need, and what you don’t.  Try experimenting with your own checks and balances system to see what your ideal fuel + rest combination looks like—its totally different for everyone.

If you find yourself needing some time, take it. You have permission. You’ll end up better because of it.

And when you’re ready to make that spa appointment, or need assistance with your dry cleaning so you can actually get to the spa, lean on your COTERIE concierge to help you do that; and always know, your COTERIE community is here for the rest.

Alexandra Mannino, Director of Project Development