Why COTERIE? Why Now?

I have spent the last 20 years of my career working for major global companies. I have learned a lot during this time. As with any job, there were good days and bad days. There were good bosses and not so good bosses. There were amazing cultures and toxic cultures.  And I have discovered during all those experiences that for me, culture and team are the most important aspects of what makes a job meaningful to me.

Recently, the stars all aligned, and I met the amazing CEO badass of COTERIE (appropriately named in an earlier blog). Someone who is inspiring. Someone who encourages others to be everything they want to be. Someone who has big dreams AND has a plan to execute those dreams. The connection was instant. The admiration was real. And then as she talked about COTERIE and the culture and the team that was being assembled. I knew at that moment I needed to be a part of this very special place. I needed to be a part of this team that is changing the way coworking is defined, that is giving opportunities to women and men all around the globe and that is committed to giving back to our communities. 

Let me tell you WHY COTERIE is for me. This is an organization, with leadership and a team, that truly wants to see everyone succeed. The culture requires collaboration, respect and courage to take risk.  The environment encourages creativeness and support. The team’s goal is to see each other and the organization thrive, beyond even our wildest dreams.

Why now? I was at a point in my career that I needed a change that aligned my passions around health + wellbeing and my need to feel inspired by my company and team.  I needed to believe the organization walks the talk.  It’s not just a pretty website but an amazing group of talented people with common values and goals behind those glossy pictures on the internet.  COTERIE is a great fit for me. The environments support positive mental and physical wellbeing, with large open spaces, natural light, sustainable design, creative work spaces and connections to the outdoors.  I kind of love this.  

Do we dream big? Yes, we do. Do we think we will succeed? Yes, we do. Do we expect bumps along the way? Of course, but that’s ok, this amazing team is there to pave those pot holes and get us back on track. It’s going to be a great ride for me. I am looking forward to this next part of my career journey.

Amanda Moorhead, Chief of Staff