In exploration of HER

The political spectrum has provided a wealth of slogans, acronyms and connotations. Actually more than enough to last a lifetime. But, the one that resonates so profoundly with me right nowis "I'm with HER..."

To dive right in, I have to first address the power that is conveyed in this statement.  So many times intelligence, strength, and the powHER women possess is overlooked, underestimated and diminished by societies definitions of what a woman should be, could be and is. The inference of a woman holding power on any platform leaves me feeling stronger. It creates a unique opportunity to think and dream bigger. 

Often intelligence and even powHER cause a sense of jealously, envy and insecurities amongst women. Rather than building alliances, divisiveness takes over.  To consider standing, sitting, marching, collaborating, building "with HER" is so refreshing! 

Beyond this lies the incredible feeling that having an ally provides us all. How many times have you wished you had a comrade by your side on your journey through life?  Someone who simply believes and supports your talents, vision and purpose for living.  When we build an alliance we provide one another a glimpse of hope. We build up rather than tear down. We know there is comfort and strength in numbers.  Yet, so many times we miss opportunities to stand side by side other strong, motivated, creative and talented women. Saying "I'm with HER" signifies an alliance like no other. 

Coworking offers a similar feeland experience when it comes to aligning forces, sharing positive energy and collaborating. This feeling is embedded in the culture of COTERIE. I love it because as a community, togetHER we are even strongHer!

Brene Brown wisely and profoundly outlines the sense of vulnerability that we all encounter at various points of our lives. Being "with HER" openly expresses the steps we are able to take as vulnerable human beings and womenthat stand strong with those who think like us, dream like us and believe like us. Placing one's self "with HER" demonstrates an undertone of vulnerability that we all could explore a little bit further. 

Call it masterful marketing or whatever you like...But there is brilliance in HER because HER could be any one of us!

Just a few thoughts to pondHer...


Mary Griffith | Market Entry Director