Your Sofa is Not a Magic Carpet

There's this great myth about women working from home. 

It goes something like this: 

Women have it so easy! They can work from the comfort of home, relax on the sofa and make money. We've come a long way... look, they're making money + running their home. It's perfect. Win win. They have it all.

Here's the reality:

Being able to work a flex schedule, with mobility, is a blessing. No question. The flex work opportunity, the independent professional options, and the growing mobile workspace is great for everyone. The days of the traditional 9 - 5 are on their way to the history books for most. It's increasingly irrelevant.

However, the idea that working from home exclusively is perfect is equally unrealistic. Working from home is distracting. The dog needs to be walked, the kids or a partner are making noise or asking for attention, errands + chores haunt us all... the demands are in our face daily. It also lacks inspiration, connection, networking opportunities, accountability and is isolating in ways that are detrimental to daily workflow and longterm success. 

What's the answer? As with most things in life, that challenging word... balance. For most people, this is hard to achieve. We know the numbers of independent professionals are growing exponentially. We are looking at nearly 40M in the US alone by 2020. Where are they working? Coworking is growing rapidly for good reason. With a membership to the coworking community that aligns with your style, needs + demographic, you can access resources, networks, potential new clients, fresh collaborative opportunities, free coffee {goodbye coffee shop bills!} and often, fun + creative spaces that inspire people to work at peak performance. 

Enter COTERIE. We've looked at the industry for the past 3 years. We've watched the evolution and identified the needs not met by current offerings. We married that with our background in the hospitality + event industries and created thoughtfully designed, tech savvy, secure communities with unparalleled service that don't just encourage meeting people, but make it simple to grow, personally + professionally. We know what women need, because we're women. 

COTERIE is the answer for women working independently, women in flex or mobile roles, and for the seasoned, polished male professional who wants an alternative to the hotel lobby or the coffee shop. Walk your clients into one of our gorgeous meeting suites, reflecting your ability + the value of your brand. Connect with talented, creative people who are actively developing businesses that make a difference. Tap into the deep well of resources that will help you do the same. 

Coworking is the new balance. COTERIE is the choice of the modern, mature professional who knows that their sofa is not a magic carpet + wants a quality solution in moving their success forward.