Introducing COTERIE Pittsburgh

It's a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that we're nearing our Grand Opening in Pittsburgh. I'm beyond grateful that we've had the past two months to get our sealegs in our temp space... there's been a lot of test driving systems, clearing hurdles + learning to adapt. I feel like a professional acro-yoga mentalist at this point, and I know my team will agree, it's been a huge blessing. We're ready to open doors to what will be a one of a kind property in this city. An overstatement? I don't think so. We'll let you decide.

Pittsburgh is a special city. We've had many people ask "why Pittsburgh?". People who are from here as well as people in our other markets are curious why this hidden gem was high on our list of first markets. There are many reasons; I'll highlight my top 3 {they don't involve food I promise, though the food here is incredible}:

1. The Community. Pittsburgh is a richly diverse community that has chosen to intentionally include everyone. It's a mouthful, read it again. Intentionally inclusion. Much like any large city, you can drive 30 miles in any direction from city center and meet any culture, in full spectrum socioeconomic position, with kids and without, young and old. What's interesting about Pittsburgh is that the people of this city care about everyone. Yes, there's division. But there's far more community building, compassionate leadership and strong collaboration happening. The people of Pittsburgh care about each other, and they welcome outsiders with open arms. 

2. Innovation + History, Married. We work in many cities and talk with people around the world. We watch to see who's advancing their cities, who's caring for the future while honoring the history that built their success. We've sat at the table with the entire age range of this city, people who built legacy brands with pencil and paper, and those who are creating a future with no waste, sustainable energy + AI structures. They speak with reverence of the other, with respect for what came before them and what lies ahead. I have been in and out of this city for almost two years, and have yet to hear anyone in a position of leadership speak ill of anyone who's creating solutions, or those who have written history. There's a mutual respect here that other growing cities would do well to model relationships after. Pittsburgh knows how to build bridges.

3. The Women. There's a lot to be said of the women of this city. They are made of stern stuff, and aren't afraid to be uncomfortable. We've had the pleasure of meeting leaders from every platform, and they are movers + shakers. These women have big ideas, know how to market themselves, are thoughtful collaborators, and they are compassionate developers. Which is good, because Western Pennsylvania is also rich with women who aren't certain how to grow, but know they need/want/have to. For every woman we've had the pleasure of meeting, we know there are countless others with similar hopes + dreams, goals + ideas, waiting in the wings, uncertain how to move forward. Start here.

We're here to help connect you, support you and celebrate your successes as you achieve them. Based in the historic Frick Building, we offer a luxury community rich with resources, fun + powerful educational + growth opportunities, and unparalleled service. COTERIE is where women work, yes. It's also where you can accelerate your brand, expand your network, plug into unique workshops + retreats, host events + enjoy a dynamic wellness platform. We're excited to show you what we're made of. Here's how you can get connected:

Tuesday, December 13th: The Corporate Client. If your business is ready for an alternative to the cube farm or you plan corporate events, please join us for a fun tour and Q+A with our Leadership Team. Register for free here.

Wednesday, December 14th: Social Planners + Nonprofit Leaders. Come see what we offer you and your clients. From holiday parties to summer soirees, we know a thing or two about events. We'll show you around, and walk you through our process of luxury made simple. Register for free here.

Friday, December 16th: Community Open House. You're curious, you know other coworking communities and you want to see what makes us different. Come test drive COTERIE for the day; we can't wait to meet you! We'll introduce you to how we operate + make sure you're taken care of. Register for free here.

Saturday, December 17th: Community Opening House + Weekend Wellness. Health + Wellness are key to our core values. Taking care of you goes far beyond freshly brewed coffee + the occasional ends in -AY party. It means making sure you're healthy + whole. Join us, and a few of our fabulous partners, as we introduce you to our yoga + mediation specialists, our incredible health coaches, and a few truly game changing wellness leaders who do things a little differently. We don't care about your dress size; we care about how strong you feel, inside + out. Register for free here.

A little housekeeping: you'll want to come to the 20th Floor, our Penthouse suite. You'll need to register for the day{s} you'd like to come... we take the privacy + security of our members seriously. Please take a moment to register with the links above, and we'll look forward to seeing you soon! Yes, you can share these links and yes, please bring your friends + coworkers... the ones you'd want to join you inside of COTERIE. ;)