welcome to COTERIE!

You are why we're here. Yes... you. COTERIE has been in development since August 2015. It's hard for me to believe that it's been a year. This all began at my dining room table. My monthly dinner with friends created a lightbulb moment that has transcended even my wildest dreams.

What happened that night wasn't particularly unique or extraordinary. While sharing a dinner with my closest lake ladies, someone asked me what my "next" was. It's a question I ask people all the time. As a coach + consultant, I'm always asking people what comes next for them. I encourage people not to get comfortable. {Ever been around a stagnant pond? People are no different.} My friend Sparky asked me what my next was. While considering that, my other girlfriend KT mentioned shared spaces. The conversation moved forward, but my brain was racing. Two days later had the first iteration of COTERIE mapped. 

The evolution of COTERIE has been a massive undertaking, a challenge of everything I know, and has taught me voluminous lessons. Two questions have led me through, and to, every concept + decision. 

1. How can we serve? By this, I have considered "How can COTERIE serve its members, the respective communities it's based in, and as a model of conscious capitalism. How can we serve as global citizens?" Our teams are here to serve you. From the team of backup singers that work to make certain our communities run like a well oiled machine to the team of Concierge who eagerly await your queries, every single team member at COTERIE is here to serve. 


2. What will make our members + clients lives simpler? When considering the options + service platform for the company, it's always at the forefront of my mind... will this make someone's life simpler? Does this create more or less decisions? Is this a seamless option or does it become cumbersome at some point? Life is wild + crazy for most people. We need less choices, not more. More inclusions, less barriers to entry. That is COTERIE, on every level.

In meeting with a wide range of women, discussing needs sets, major frustrations + their greatest desires, the past year has provided a wealth of inspiration and direction. Fine tuning. I am in perpetual polish mode. I imagine that will persist for years to come.

We are ready to open doors to our first three COTERIE communities this summer + fall, and that is due, in large part, to the wild enthusiasm you have shown for what we offer. Make no mistake, COTERIE is all about you. What does COTERIE mean?  Webster gives two distinct definitions:

1. a group of people who associate closely. a group of women with common interest and goals.

2. an exclusive group; clique.

We aren't a clique, but we are a group. A group of women who care about what matters most to each of you; about how we can all impact the greater good. A clique? Not so much. I like the irony... and that is why I chose COTERIE. The clique part is what society has pitched to us for generations: Women are clique-y. We don't know how to work together. We don't support each other. COTERIE is designed to dispel the stigma, challenge the status quo and provide ample opportunity to connect women of all walks of life, while acting as a springboard for each + every member who walks through our doors. Because enough is enough. 

COTERIE is your luxury, female-centric, all inclusive community. Becoming a member of COTERIE means you are a member of every COTERIE we open worldwide. Yes, really. Less barriers to entry; more opportunities to connect + grow. You are a global citizen, you are a four dimensional thinker, and you have high expectations of yourself. COTERIE is your new address.

We are here to serve you. Welcome to COTERIE.