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The City of Pittsburgh is equal parts obscure and extraordinary. With a rapidly changing demographic, an undercurrent of entrepreneurial energy surging through it and a shifting balance of power, Pittsburgh is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. This city is bursting with creative prowess and is a small business mecca. From Cleveland to Philly, Pittsburgh serves as the harbor for people of central and western Pennsylvania, providing a palatable cost of living, opportunities for the masses and a diverse population.

We chose Pittsburgh for COTERIE because the women of this city are ready for an address to call their own. We surveyed the market and the feedback was clear; women want a city center location that provides a level of sophistication that can’t be found in the burbs, with access to the amenities that Downtown Pittsburgh offers in abundance. COTERIE Pittsburgh provides a stunning location, the opportunity to be based in the heart of the Keystone Innovation Zone, exclusive events, a deep well of resources, the ability to connect with women from all arenas, and unparalleled service from our onsite Concierge.