Who does COTERIE serve?

It's a question we get a lot. In business, people want to hear a simple, clear, specific answer. However, in life, as a woman, we rarely do one thing. We're multi-passionate people. We juggle. What we have to do is not always what we want to do or what we need to do. Any given day can include myriad commitments, opportunities + responsibilities. We aren't one trick ponies.

COTERIE, designed for women, is not a one size fits all solution. We are here to serve women. All women.

We provide space, resources, opportunities and a vast network of talent + heart. COTERIE is community. Our growth plan, 40 cities in the next 4 years... that's how committed we are to supporting women worldwide. Healthcare, education, non-profit leaders, women who've been aged out of corporate roles, women returning to the workforce after raising the next generation of leaders, small business owners, women in tech, scientists, explorers, forward thinkers, political leaders + activists. Moms, daughters, sisters, friends, wives + all the single ladies. The behind the curtain wizards + the girls who grab the mike and rif on the fly. ALL women.

How do we do that? Good real estate, a rapidly growing virtual, global community, hotly anticipated tech in development, a passion for collaboration, beautifully designed spaces that take privacy + security seriously, smartly curated events that promote + advocate for women, and a commitment to give more at every turn. 

You'll have questions. We're here to serve.