Life is a team sport.

What happens to one of us affects all of us. When you become a member of COTERIE, we invest in initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities locally + globally. We believe that it is our responsibility to play a role in advancing the lives of others and to amplify the great work of as many innovators and disruptors as we can. That’s how we make things happen. Bold moves + brave choices.

10% of our gross revenue is dedicated to supporting others. Yes, you read that correctly. From worldwide water projects, ending human trafficking, advancing education for women globally and community organizations working to aid + advance our veterans, we are partnering with mavericks of social responsibility to help change the way {the WHY} people work. Unconventional, we know. We are praying it sets a good example for other companies making the big money. Because we believe that is the purpose of doing well. Sharing the wealth, creating solutions + lifting others. 

In addition, we give 10% of our memberships to local women who are ready to launch their vision, but unable to purchase a membership. If you would like to nominate a new member based on need, please email us at You are why we are here.