MAY I BRING A GUEST? Yes! We love guests. A day pass is $45, and good for one location. Just check in with the Concierge when you arrive and we'll make sure your guest feels at home for the day.

ARE CHILDREN ALLOWED IN THE OFFICE? We have given considerable thought to this. Ultimately we chose to make COTERIE a child-free space. We want every member to have the privilege of a professional, focused, productive environment. As moms, we know how much pressure there is to provide the best care for your family and grow your career. That is why we have partnered with Care.com. Through years of experience in the care-giver space, Care.com has established a stellar system of vetting their pool of care-givers. As a member, you have access to exclusive deals + services with Care.com. If you would like more information, or help establishing your account with Care.com, please connect with your Community Director and she will be happy to get you plugged in!

HOW SAFE IS YOUR WI-FI? Borrowing from the best in the industry, we looked to the financial sector to determine how we'd create a digital platform that provides the highest level of security for our members. Each member has their own digital signature. Our tech team is committed to ensuring that we retain digital integrity across all platforms.

HOW DO I KNOW WHO'S WORKING AROUND ME? As a member, you have signed our membership agreement, which outlines our code of ethics. We believe that our commitment to service, compassionate business practices and purpose driven social programs attract like-minded individuals. We are proud of our communities and treat everyone with the respect and faith that we offer each other. Should you ever have a concern about a member, please speak directly with our Concierge or your Community Director.

WHAT DO YOUR CONCIERGE OFFER? The COTERIE Concierge are at your service. There is no need too large or too small. From travel inquiries to curiosity requests, summer camp questions to elusive dinner reservations, we are at your service. We are also developing proprietary software that will allow you to access our concierge from anywhere, at anytime. Yes... your own personal concierge, at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world. That is our commitment to our members.

DO YOU OFFER A SECURE OFFICE? The safety of our community is one of our top priorities. As such, we've taken considerable internal measures to ensure our team, our members, and our guests are safe. We also encourage everyone to be mindful of their surroundings.

HOW MANY HOURS CAN I STAY PER DAY? Start to finish! As a member you are welcome from the time we open to the time we close.

DO YOU OFFER PRIVATE OFFICES? We offer private rooms for whatever need may arise. A closing appointment, a sales call session, pumping breastmilk... you name it, our private suites can accommodate it. As a member you only need to book a suite {up to 2 hours} with our Concierge. We also offer conference suites for larger meeting needs. The founder's suite in each location is even bookable! We don't offer longterm private offices. We intentionally chose not to develop key-man spaces, as they don't represent the collaborative vibe we are building. However, if a traditional key-man space is what you're in need of, we recommend WeWorkRegus, the industry leaders in private office space world-wide.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EVENT SPACE OPTIONS. Each COTERIE location is designed to host events. Depending on the community, we can host 10-300 guests for the day. You'll want to contact your specific community for details on hosting options. We offer high tech conference rooms, indoor + outdoor event spaces, the highest level of service in the industry, and impeccable catering options, all coordinated by our Concierge, and included in one flat fee. From a corporate off-site to your brand launch party, we have options to meet your needs.

WHAT OTHER MARKETS ARE YOU BUILDING IN? You can learn more about what we're planning here. Our goal is to develop our current vision by 2020.

DO YOU HAVE OUTDOOR SPACE? Each community offers outdoor space. Soak up some sun during your work day!

WHAT'S COOKIN IN THE KITCHEN? Our community kitchen is designed for our members to enjoy a lunch together, or to grab a quick snack during your busy day. Some locations will offer full commercial kitchens, with the intention of supporting women developing artisan food brands, cookbooks or promoting cooking classes.