We have what you need

MEMBERSHIPS:  COTERIE offers an environment like no other, with a dynamic, supportive membership of like-minded artists and entrepreneurs, community leaders and independent professionals. Our consciously designed coworking space boasts an open work environment, conference rooms, a writer's suite, closing rooms, large format meeting spaces and exclusive business amenities. 

EVENTS:  Our event opportunities are gender neutral. We offer a unique alternative to the same ole event venue. You want to create something unforgettable. One of the distinct purposes of COTERIE is creating spaces to celebrate the remarkable skills, talents, passions and interests of your community. 

MEETINGS:  Starting a business can be a daunting task. Maintaining one takes grit, talent and passion. What we have learned through the years is that no one succeeds in a vacuum. At COTERIE you have the option of hosting your next big closing appointment in a tech savvy conference room, or hosting your C Suite for a day of meetings outside the walls of your home office.